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Industries We Serve

AV Integrators is proud to work with a wide range of partners to provide audio visual expertise and integration services for their projects in the following industries:


Who We Serve: Consultants, Architects, Designers, Electrical & IT Contractors, Commercial Builders. Whether you are building or renovating an apartment complex, hotel, medical facility, educational facility, luxury home or any other project, your organization needs a quality AV system that is reliable, functional and works flawlessly well into the future. Our commitment to being the industry’s leading provider of quality AV solutions has allowed us to partner with reputable companies to advise and deploy AV solutions for their high profile projects.


Who We Serve: Schools, Universities, Academic Facilities. The Audio Visual needs of our schools and universities can be as unique as the educational facilities themselves. Our audio visual consultants provide unbiased advice on the most appropriate technology and brands to suit your requirements and budget. The level of innovation and expertise we provide for the education sector is showcased in the classrooms, training rooms, auditoriums, chapels and multi-purpose venues of our clients.

Places of Worship

Who We Serve: Churches, Chapels, Temples, and More. Every church and chapel we have worked with has required a unique AV system design, taking into account the building design, interior design, acoustics and desired setup. We have extensive experience balancing a leading edge technological solution with the need to maintain the reverent feel of the environment. Whether the Place of Worship is a dedicated space or a multi-purpose venue; whether it seats thousands or hundreds; or whether it is traditional or contemporary, we can design a system to suit the needs of your environment.


Who We Serve: Large, Medium, and Small Enterprises. Audio visual systems and solutions have become a must-have for all companies regardless of their size. Whether it is simply a portable projector for an active sales team or a fully automated boardroom with audio visual and video conferencing facilities, our corporate clients have received the highest quality solutions and unsurpassed after-sales service, all at a competitive price with AV Integrators.


Who We Serve: Facilities at all levels of Government including Federal, State, and City. The facilities of our Government and State departments, Federal buildings, Law Enforcement agencies, Emergency Services, Councils and other agencies vary in size, structure and functionality. AV Integrators has worked with a variety of clients to provide AV solutions for Operations & Communication Centers; Media, Training and Meeting rooms; Parliamentary and Court recording; and Monitoring & Security.


Who We Serve: Homeowners & Renters We specialize in customized Audio Visual integrations for clients looking for quality products and workmanship. Our audio visual systems can: Create the ‘big picture’ experience at home – perfect for those epic movies and music DVDs, provide storage options for your music, movies, photographs and games in a central place, giving you the opportunity to use them in any location around your house, distribute your music throughout the home, allowing you to access and play music in multiple areas inside or outside, and bring all your systems together with a user-friendly touch screen control system for your AV system, lighting, automated blinds, heating and cooling, security and virtually any other compatible electronic device.